Avent Ferry Pizza

Fresh and Tasty Ingredients

Our pizzas are made with only the freshest and finest ingredients, using our delicious homemade pizza dough and sauce and the best cheeses.

Not Just Pizza

Choose pasta, calzone, salads, or any number of other entrees, sides, and desserts to satisfy your taste buds and fill you up.


We proudly use no pork products at all in our recipes, and to the extent we are able, we serve zabihah meats. Please feel free to visit us in-store or on Facebook to check out our suppliers’ halal certificates!

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you’re planning a party, a family dinner, a corporate event, or simply craving a delicious slice of pizza, Avent Ferry Pizza is perfect. Please check out our catering and standard menus on this website, and order from the links provided or give us a call!

Friendly and Attentive Service

Our team is dedicated to providing friendly and attentive service, ensuring that your experience at Avent Ferry Pizza is excellent.

We value each and every one of our customers!

Greek Salad from Avent Ferry Pizza